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Gary Bullock

Screenplay - 113 Pages

War; True story

Civil War; Adventure

















In the bloodiest of all American wars, a man of conscience refuses to fight, but takes his place among the nation's true heroes by guiding thousands of men through the mountains escaping to Union lines, earning a death sentence from the Confederacy. However, when soldiers attack his family, a dark rage changes him forever.  



During the Civil War, the mountains of East Tennessee were the home of mostly Union-loyal citizens in a Confederate state. Daniel Ellis, a seasoned woodsman of remarkable ability, but peaceful by nature, participates in a plot to burn key railroad bridges in the area, to hinder the Confederate Army—and becomes a marked man, having to live in the mountains apart from his family. He is offered a Captain's commission in the Union Army, but refuses to carry weapons, because “My conscience would give me no peace --war makes men into devils.” But he serves as a guide, helping men escape to Union lines through the mountains via the high ridges, enriching the Union Army with over 3000 volunteers during the course of the war.

His reputation as an elusive "Red Fox" grows, and he seems to lead a charmed life, eluding capture and certain death, till one night the Confederates raid his home and abuse his beloved wife, Martha. In a cold and terrible rage, Ellis hunts down and kills the officer responsible. From this moment on he is a dangerous man, a deadly accurate marksman, armed to the teeth, waging a ferocious guerilla war, eliminating several key Confederates.

Toward the end of the war, Ellis accepts a Captain's commission in the Union Army, and goes back to his hometown with a company of men to drive out the remaining rebel troops. In the ensuing battle, Ellis faces certain death through his own reckless daring, but his life is saved by one of the green young men he had spirited through the mountains three years earlier, now a hardened Union soldier.

Though he makes peace with some former Confederates, in later years Ellis goes nowhere unarmed, because of threats on his life. He offers himself as proof of his warning, “War makes men into devils”.



Author Bio



Gary Bullock was born and raised in East Tennessee. His first play was a one-man show, A. Lincoln, written for himself, in which he portrays the 16th President.  While working as a film and stage actor for many years in Los Angeles, he and his mate Mil Nicholson served as Literary Managers for the Blue Sphere Alliance Theatre.  He was also a member of Playwrights Kitchen Ensemble, and Playwrights 6 writer’s workshop in Hollywood, where several of his scripts were developed.  Writer/directors Frank Pierson and Nicholas Meyer have praised and mentored his work.  Ridge Runner, was a semi-finalist in the Chesterfield Fellowship competition.


Gary and Mil now live in North Carolina, where they are busy writing, recording audiobooks, building and flying model airplanes, raising apples, persimmons, paw-paws, a large organic garden, dogs, and various other small animals.







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